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testimonials for image fitness
testimonials for image fitness
Shefford Gym has the perfect set up for my requirement. 
Guy Green operates as a personal instructor and I need to be told what to do and to step up the pace when I am shirking. 
The number of us in the gym at any one time ranges from just me this morning to 4 or 5 as a max. 
I like the fact that one makes a specific appointment as you are then far more duty bound to keep it. 
The pricing is also very reasonable. 
All in all, my 3 hourly sessions per week are most enjoyable, especially when they are over. :) 
Grant Wellbelove 
This is what Martine from Shefford had to say... 
I started going to Guy’s gym in March 2010 and really like the flexibility that the pay as you go, non membership system gives you. I’ve been to other gyms but never stuck at it for long for various reasons, and then felt guilty at not making the most of a usually expensive membership. 
Guy is great, he knows his stuff and he can give you some real and valuable advice on diet, what to aim for physically and achieve. You don’t feel self conscious and on show amongst a muscle bound bunch like in other gyms, because real people of all different shapes, sizes and abilities go. There are usually only a small number of people in the gym at the same time, which makes it very personal and allows Guy to give you quality time. This is the one place I’ve stuck with and the results are proving to be really good. 
and her husband John, who is also a member says.. 
I’m an IT specialist and I spend a lot of my time at work and at home in front of a computer. About a year ago I decided to do something about it and try to get fit. I’ve tried several things in the past but find it difficult to keep to regular times. I’ve also not keen on going to gyms, so although I keep trying, nothing has really worked for me for any length of time. Since starting at Image Fitness, and although I’ve had the odd break, I’ve found it easier to keep going on a regular basis. Admittedly it helps living close by in Shefford, but the personal advice and training is very motivating and is the main driver for me to keep going. 
Lorna Heale states that she... 
I started going to Shefford Gym 2 weeks before my ski trip, which was leaving it a bit short, but in those 2 weeks I had 6 sessions and started to feel the benefit by the time I went skiing. If only I had started sooner my stamina and fitness levels would have been far better, however, watch out Austria because this year I will be conquering the slopes. I now regularly attend Guy’s gym and with his personal guidance and supervision I am growing more confident and stronger each week. My energy levels have increased overall and I really look forward to my sessions. The gym has everything you need to circuit train and training is in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I know that if I didn’t have Guy there to instruct me, left to my own devices I would not work so hard or effectively. I really recommend Shefford Gym to anyone out there who thought they couldn’t get fit, because they really can with the right guidance. 
Christine Drewry says that... 
During the six months I’ve been training with Guy, I have become fitter and more toned – I can fit back in clothes I haven’t worn for a few years. In the past, I’ve found it easy to lose motivation at a gym, and it’s so much better to have the personal and varied training Guy can offer. It’s also good not to be tied in to an expensive monthly contract, or to pay an up front joining fee – I can train as little or as often as I please and just pay each time I go. 
People of all ages, shapes and sizes use Shefford Gym as there’s always a friendly, unintimidating atmosphere, which makes it fun to work out, and Guy is on hand offering support and enthusiasm and tracking my progress. 
Marcin Kmieciak says that... 
I came to see you as I wanted to improve my strength for Rugby. I had previously been a member of a gym for over a year and never went as I found it very dull. 
When I came you gave me a good workout which changes every time I go which keeps it interesting. You are a professional trainer who knows what you are doing and which exercise I should perform to get best results. 
The strength is coming on and that helps me with my rugby. I like the personal attention I get and it is a lot more value for money than a gym I never go to. I am happy with you being my personal trainer and strongly recommend your services to Everyone. 
On 26th June 2012 at 19:31, John Hitchcock wrote: 
When I retired in September 2011 I was determined to improve my fitness; however, I had tried going to various gyms before and didn’t really enjoy it so I was somewhat sceptical when I approached Guy at Shefford Gym, thinking ”I’ve been here before”. How wrong I was, Guy inspired me with confidence and his friendly, professional approach helped me to settle in quickly and my fitness levels have most definitely improved. I really enjoy my visits to the gym at Image Fitness on a regular basis, not just for the sense of achievement but also for the interaction with the other people who go there; they really are a great, friendly bunch. If, like me, you want to improve your fitness levels but feel apprehensive about going to the gym, I can thoroughly recommend Guy at Shefford Gym. 
I joined Shefford Gym Nov 2011. My 18 year old son had joined the month before and encouraged me to join too. We were both unsure what to expect as we had previous experience of a 'regular' gym... and hated it!! So I can honestly say I wasn't holding out much hope. But thanks to Guy, Image Fitness is brilliant. Having an individual, tailor-made programme just for me each session I attend makes it far more interesting and challenging. I feel stronger and fitter not just physically but mentally too. The sessions are not easy but are designed to help you reach your full potential. The other people that attend range from ages 18 up to 80. This makes it a very relaxed, friendly place to be. No 'muscle-men or women' posing in the mirror! Just normal people of various shapes, sizes and abilities. I attend twice a week and although its tough, I believe that with Guy's help and advice I will continue to improve. I actually look forward to going. Finally after seeing the improvement in our son and myself, my husband has now been going for 6 months. Now that is amazing. 
Jenny Gorman 
I am so pleased to have found Guy and his gym. I am by no means an athlete, but needed a friendly environment in which to get fitter. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are there when I go three times a week and there is no need to feel at all self-conscious when training as you work to your own constantly revised plan that Guy has devised for you. I actually quite look forward to my sessions - but don't tell Guy! 
Kate Wellbelove 
Edwina Grant extols the virtues of No Membership Fees when she says... 
I have been training with Guy at Shefford Gym for a few months now and it works for me. I have paid gym membership elsewhere but never really attended much in the past after the first few sessions in the gym. 
The “Pay as you Go” approach at Shefford Gym is helpful as you can decide when in the week you want to book to have training sessions in the gym. 
Having a designated time slot and personal training support from Guy means that I have kept to my gym routine, even through the winter months. 
The other people who use the gym are friendly and the gym is always neat and clean. Guy is encouraging and changes the routines around to make sure you don’t get bored. 
I am very happy with the arrangement. 
It is not just the Ladies who benefit from a dedicated Personal Trainer like Guy, read what Craig Smith has to say... 
What I like is the informal atmosphere and the individual tailor made support for me. I was nervous in the beginning as I am not a 'gym type' but I have been helped to develop and improve at my own pace and in a way that suits me - the sessions are well organised, stretching me without over doing it and I find it very helpful. The most important thing though is that the outcomes are there - I feel fitter and healthier and really enjoying going to the gym - something I never thought I would say. 
Angie from Shefford also believes in the motivational power of Guy as a Personal Trainer. She says... 
Joining Shefford Gym was the best thing I could have done for my general physical health and well being. Having made a conscious effort these last few years to improve my overall health was one thing, maintaining it was always my challenge. 
Since working with guy, I am far more concerned with better nutrition, I have noticeable improvements in my physical fitness and I am far more motivated than ever before to maintain this state. 
The environment is super with a great range of equipment. It is relaxed and fun. 
Guy is great at monitoring and guiding my progress and gives me the push and a nudge – when I need it. 
Please leave us your testimonial here and we will include it in our website. 
Thank you. Guy Green at Shefford Gym 
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